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ne of the most crucial aspects in public relations for a business is Press Release. A Press Release is an announcement in the market and various media, to draw attention for a specific event to introduce your product.  A Press Release can be used as a powerful communication tool to promote your products, which would yield much higher success rate, directly to the targeted section. But writing a press release to the media is completely different from writing a press release that works with search engines. Writing the keywords which specifically target the search engine is a huge task and it’s a complicated matter.

We at Ctenus have the ability to optimize press release for a specific group of audience which makes them easier to find and use your product/services. We thoroughly understand your services and then plan accordingly to advertise by using various ways like releasing images or video as well as alternative formats, to encourage the customer and drawing attention to your business. And it’s just the beginning. We use creative and attractive ways to fulfil your requirements.

Some of the benefits of choosing us are that we widely distribute the press release to consumers, researchers and famous blog writers. We continuously create brand awareness among the existing customers and new customers and keep them updated about the latest product/services. By specifically targeting the keywords, we help you get your website top ranked in famous search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. We optimize RSS/XML feed so that they can be easily found by search engines.

We include services like News Release, Events Release and Social Media Release.

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